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ANTARIS SOLAR PV-panels proved to have outstanding heat resistance

ANTARIS SOLAR modules: durable even in salty conditionsA recently conducted temperature benchmark test at the Photovoltaics Institut Berlin (PI) showed that ANTARIS SOLAR PV-panels of the type AS M 185 are outstandingly robust. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures no negative effects on module performance or components could be detected. The ANTARIS SOLAR module is therefore ideally designed for use in hot regions and desert areas.


ANTARIS SOLAR modules: durable even in salty conditions

ANTARIS SOLAR modules: durable even in salty conditions

The ANTARIS SOLAR AS M monocrystalline modules have proven their ability to withstand extremely salty outdoor conditions in a salt spray test performed by Photovoltaik-Institut (PI) in Berlin (Germany).


ANTARIS SOLAR – Test winner

altPhotovoltaic modules comparative test: Antaris Solar module AS M 185 wins for the second time.

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Antaris AS M 185

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