altAbout Antaris Solar

Solar energy is becoming an ever increasing market with excellent future prospects. The ANTARIS SOLAR Group of companies is one of the leading German and European providers for modern solar technologies.

Our strengths are based on the complete packages we offer as an "All-Inclusive" solution, depending on different applications, installations and sizes. There are more than 500 employees working for the group. Next to our headquarters in Waldaschaff (Bavaria), there is a number of branches in Germany and other European countries.

As an International provider for complete packages, Antaris Solar focuses on supply management and product quality. Antaris Solar runs its own laboratory for testing modules, inverters and accessories. Permanent checks of all products assure our customers that they get what they pay for. The TEC-Institute also issues reports on their findings regularly.

We do support our partners by designing and planning PV systems as per the specifications and/or needs of their customers.

ANTARIS SOLAR is also experienced in the design, layout and implemention of large scale systems. For example, one ground installed system has been connected to the grid in December 2009 and is situated in the Czech Republic, located near Prague. It has a nominal peak power of 1.244 MW and occupies a space of about 36.000m². During the first 20 years of its operation this system will save about 22 million kg of CO2.

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