Research and Quality - Antaris Solar Photovoltaic

ANTARIS SOLAR works very closely with a laboratory to continually check and improve the quality of our products.
Next to our own products (Antaris photovoltaic modules) we also check the quality of third party products distributed on a regular basis.

Here is a list of our activities:

  • Control of goods received and batch inspection by samples
  • Research of different types of panels
  • "Around-the-clock" acquisition of global radiation as a basis for benchmarking the efficiency of different panels
  • Determination of the optimal ratio of panels and inverters
  • Operation of our own meteorological station
  • Optimisation of all system components
  • Long-term test of panels installed in different inclinations and directions
  • Research of thermal characteristics of modules
  • Test series to minimise conduction and contact losses
  • Research of self-cleaning behaviour of panel surfaces
  • Experiments with electrical storage devices
  • Test series with optical systems to increase the efficiency of modules