Stand-alone Solar PV system by Antaris Solar - feel independent ... anywhere you are!

The New Independent Solar System eKiss-Box from ANTARIS SOLAR

The new stand alone photovoltaic system eKiss-Box from ANTARIS SOLAR is the safe and easy energy supply for places without public grid access. With the solar PV system, you can independently produce electricity with the help of solar energy, safe it, and then use it for numerous electrical appliances.

The simple and safe solar PV solution for your independent electricity production by Antaris SolarYour advantages of the independent solar system eKiss Box at a glance:
  • Applicable at any (sunny) location in the world
  • Individual solutions: Tailored to your demands and cost optimized
  • Do-it-yourself: extremely easy installation!
  • Reliable and safe technology
  • Environmentally friendly through „green“ energy production
  • One time Investment and produce your energy for several decades

Possible applications for the eKiss-Box
The stand alone solar photovoltaic system eKiss-Box can be used for producing power in homes, business places, garden, camping or hunting cabin, holiday house in the green meadow, for schools, health-care units, or other facilities in remote places where power is needed. Depending on the configuration of your system you can supply lamps, refrigerators, TVs or lawn mowers, and all other electrical appliances with electricity.

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