Research and Quality Assurance

Research and quality assuranceANTARIS SOLAR: that stands for German expertise and sophisticated module technology at the highest level of quality. Various quality assurance levels implemented by authorized external bodies provide the basis for this quality.

Testing bodies include the British Standards Institute (BSI) for the Microgeneration Certification (MCS), TÜV (Nord), SGS (Consumer Testing Services), the PI Institute (Berlin) and the TEC Institute for technical Innovations. These check, test, verify and, where required, certify all ANTARIS SOLAR products – right from the production process to the shipment.

Here is a list of our activities:

  • Control of goods received and batch inspection by samples
  • Research of different types of panels
  • “Around-the-clock” acquisition of global radiation as a basis for benchmarking the efficiency of different panels
  • Determination of the optimal ratio of panels and inverters
  • Operation of our own meteorological station
  • Optimisation of all system components
  • Long-term test of panels installed in different inclinations and directions
  • Research of thermal characteristics of modules
  • Test series to minimise conduction and contact losses
  • Research of self-cleaning behaviour of panel surfaces
  • Experiments with electrical storage devices
  • Test series with optical systems to increase the efficiency of modules